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Any UK Limited Company could qualify as it really doesn’t matter what sector your business is in.

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Every company large or small, could qualify and it does not matter what sector or industry you are in. Parama Financial can quickly determine if you qualify in an area of your business for R&D Relief. 

Businesses can claim for the portion of gross pay, employers NIC and pensions relating to employees time actively engaged in R&D work, also the expenditure on work carried out by third parties on your behalf relating to R&D Research and Development. 

Our R&D specialist team has created  simple to understand process which applies to all client claims, which includes creating R&D justification reports to analysing and calculating the claim value, our team works hard to ensure your claim meets HMRC’s stringent requirements. A specialist member of our team would arrange for a suitable appointment for a phone call or make an initial visit to your business to see if your company meets HMRC’s R&D Claim requirements before progressing on a no win no fee. 

Our specialist team will go through all the fine details of your business to establish whether there is any qualifying expenditures. One of our specialist advisers will visit your business to understand and establish what your business does and all relevant data, this will enable our team to identify the full extent of your qualifying activities and costs to ensure that we maximise your claim in every possible way. 

Parama Financial will produce a full and detailed R&D report that provides your R&D activity and to justify how your business meets the HMRC guidelines, collectively with a calculation of the qualifying R&D spend, we then send this to your accountant, along with instructions on how to claim. After the Relevant forms have been submitted it generally takes around 28 days to process and for you to receive your amount claimed for. 

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